Just wanted to say thank you to anyone here who was ever nice to me.

Life has been nothing but pain for 34 years and you’ve all been very nice and I genuinely appreciate that. It was nice to have even the smallest amount of kindness and pseudo friendship at least once in my life. At least I got to sort of experience that. You’re all very interesting people, and you all have very interesting opinions. It’s been a pleasure to know you, to read your thoughts, viewpoints, perspectives on things I might never have considered myself. It’s been really nice to know you guys. I don’t have any family or IRL friends, so this company has been comforting to varying degrees.

Just wanted to leave this little note of appreciation for the nicest group of people I’ve ever been able to know, especially surprising on a gaming site of all places. Thanks for being here with me, and thanks for being in general. It was nice to have something to look forward to for a few years every day. And, with some small exceptions, everyone here was very polite, always willing to engage in actual discussion instead of just turning the hose of hatred lose on eachother, which is nice to see, especially in a world so dictated by unnecessary evil these days. Y’all are good folk.

Keep having fun playing games and being cool.

Thanks again.


Hey @corpseprincess, I’m worried about your tone in this message. Why does it seem like you’re leaving?? Idk your situation, but I’m really hoping that you stick it out. We’re all rooting for you!


Hello @corpseprincess, I saw your status update on Grouvee and got worried. I don’t think we’ve interacted before but I love this community and you’re part of it, one of the many awesome parts that make this community so amazing. Sounds like you’ve really been having a rough time but if you need someone to talk to I am all ears (and I’m sure @Strawhat too). Feel free to shoot me a private message anytime.


Hey. Sucky situation as it is, I and I’m sure the rest of the regulars appreciate you and hope you’ll stick around. We value your input. Feel better soon.


This community is what I call the “non-toxic” gaming community.