App to merge your Grouvee data with How Long To Beat gameplay times

I have been working on app that can add times to beat from, since Grouvee does not contain such data. It’s just a personal project I work on in my free time, with no monetary gains or self-promoting involved at all.

It helps me decide what to play next since I can filter and sort by the hours I am ready to invest in.

If you think it could be helpful to you, you can download it from my Github, here:
Releases · Stefan-Ghioci/hltb_grouvee (

You have to load a CSV file with your game data from Grouvee (this file is emailed to you from the Settings page on this site) and then wait. It takes about 0.5 seconds / game, but once you get through the loading time, you don’t have to wait until you load your Grouvee data again.

The application currently looks like this:


This looks awesome! I need to fix the bug where if you export your Grouvee data, and you try and export it again, it takes multiple days for the old one to clear out of the CDN cache and replace it with the new one.

I also wish howlongtobeat had an api. Are you storing a mapping of Grouvee Id to howlongtobeat Id somewhere?


Thanks for the feedback.

I have used this library to obtain HLTB games to map to Grouvee ones by name matching:
ckatzorke/howlongtobeat: A simple api for (

Currently only the first match is stored, if exists. Of course, I plan to add storage and performance improvements to the tool I made whenever I have the time. For now, it’s helpful for me to sort out what games I want to clear from my backlog or what to buy next.

Maybe I could link it further to match the Wish List with Steam, GOG etc to look for sales. :slight_smile:


This is great, thanks for sharing! I’ve tried it out on my library of 754 games and it worked quite well. There are a bunch of games that it couldn’t populate though, as far as I can tell because the Grouvee title does not exactly match the HLTB title. There’s probably not much that can be done for those, other than perhaps allowing us to manually edit them.

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wow very cool dude! thank you for making this. I always have a tendency to look up stuff half the time on HLTB to know what i’m getting into… But this is efficient as i can now filter by shelf (“Priority”) and then sort by my rating… Can even filter by less_than values for the main completion… All in all that makes for a pretty powerful superweapon to vanquish the fledgling forces of backloggery from shelves.

Really was looking for an app just like this. Thank you!!

I have about 350 games and it seems to be stuck loading. Have waited for over 10 minutes. :frowning:

Unfortunately, I have dropped development of this app as I have migrated from Grouvee to Playnite, (which has a fully fledged plugin for HLTB)

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