Any game programmer hobbyist here? Engine recommendations?

I’ve been thinking more and more into a story that I would like to show. At first, writing was the first choice because I’ve already done it, but I’m starting to incline more into trying to make it into a simple game. The issue here is that my coding experience is limited. I mean, I know how “coding” things, how to concatenate basic stuff, but nothing too advanced. My main expertise is matlab, so really poor on UI.

I have seen some engines that call themselves light on the coding part and robust enough: gdevelop, godot. I could also try to bash my head against something more robust but to state it again, what I’m planning to make is something simpler on the graphics side (2D pixel style). Is there an engine any of you could recommend to an absolute noob like me?

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Thanks! For some reason, I think I read GameMaker and kind of forgot about it, will definitely have a better look.