Another search bar behavior observation

Okay, this one’s not a bug, I guess, and probably no one else cares, but whatever.
Whenever you type in something in the search bar it gives you a number of matching suggestions:

If you’re doing it on the Grouvee main page ( ), you can click on more than one on of them with a mouse wheel to open them in the background. Which is very handy if you want to check more than one game. If you use the search bar on any other Grouvee page (for example ), after mouse wheel clicking one of the suggested games, the list disappears and you have to type another letter or delete a few of them to see the list of suggestions again.

The workaround I use atm is of course using the search bar on the main page only, but it would be sweet to have the same functionality on other pages as well.

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The goal is to have the main pages search bar everywhere. There are some things I need to clean up with the “new” search bar still. I’ll check into that 7th sector thing. Not too sure what’s going on there.