Am I using this site "correctly”?

TLDR: grouvee seems to consider having played a game as the goal of a backlog but doesn’t differentiate between completion and partially played. Wondering if I’m misusing or it’s an existing feature request.

I’m on a search for a library/backlog tracker. Grouvee may be the closest to what I am looking for, but it’s core behaviors confuse me. Some I’m the new guy here and grouvee has an excellent reputation, I must assume it’s on me.

I imported my steam library, which is great. It also is aware of my playtime, also great - but “played” seems to be the only method of “achievement”? For me, I have a few categories

  • games I have not started/tried yet
  • games I have started or tried and paused
  • games I am in the progress of playing (I try to keep this # as low as possible, approx 3)
  • games I have completed.
  • games that I either play casually, or did not like enough to complete ( could be two different sections but not a major priority)

When I import my steam games it brings over play time which is great, it it uses playtime to determine if “played” but then there is not a simple button for ‘completed’. I made a shelf for it but is this what everyone else does?

Yup. It was on me.

It looks like my perspective was off.

Games with plan to completed - backlog on
Games currently being played- playing
Games tried or owned with no intention of beating - backlog off (played off)
Games completed - played marked/on

Comes down to the site not really tracking “completed” maybe that’s coming. Would be even better but I’m still really happy with current setup. I prefer to use the base categories for core tracking. I realize I can make shelves for anything.

Welcome to Grouvee!

These are all good questions. It kind of goes along with this recent thread: When do you consider a game to be properly “played”?

I actually built the “played” shelf as a combo completed/dropped/done with kind of shelf. In my mind, if I had played a game in any capacity, it just belonged on the played shelf. I also built in play through tracking so you can indicate if you’ve finished a game and when. I’m actually just now building filters for the shelves to let you filter your collection/any shelf to show what games you’ve completed.

If I had to do it over again, I’d probably split the played shelf into completed/dropped (although that still has its problems when it comes to endless games). I can definitely see not wanting to put a game on the played shelf that you quit because you didn’t like. It’d actually be nice for recommendations to have a dropped shelf too. People would be able to see if a game gets dropped a lot, or you could even build some kind of engine that analyzes what type of gamer drops certain games and recommend to someone what not to play.

I don’t know, as I type all this out, maybe it is worth considering adding a dropped shelf as a core shelf.

I think you’re spot on with the idea behind all the other shelves though. Ultimately, it’s up to you to use them however you want. No ones going to get mad at you for doing it your own way :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy Grouvee!


Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: After spending a few hours starting to organize, I’m even more excited than when I first discovered you on my search. I have wondered if there is a way to do a minus filter. (Let’s say I want to play something on my backlog that hasn’t been played) - I was thinking that’s what the “or shelf” box was, but it seems not - maybe a not shelf choice would do this? Dropped is a really cool attribute because “not backlog” doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing.

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