Ads on the site

This is always a fun topic to ask about, but I wanted to get your opinion on possibly moving the ads around. Currently, there are very few, and they really don’t make much of any money. Would anyone be offended if I moved an ad up to the top right corner of a couple of the pages? I’ve been talking to another ad network, and that would be a better placement for them, but it might look kind of ugly.

I’m not looking to make much, just enough to cover the servers and maybe buy a beer here and there. I currently just pay out of pocket because I love the site, and will always keep it going unless for some reason I can’t pay for it. I guess the other option is to throw up a donate/Amazon affiliate link page for now, and maybe forget the ads.

What do you guys think?

Personally, I think you should do whatever you can to earn revenue on the site. Put the ads wherever you want. I’m ok with about 3-5 depending on size on any given page.
If I could, I’d donate.

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I always prefer a clean site free of ads, but I understand there are fees to pay. I’d be more than happy to donate. Maybe offer an ad-free experience to donors?

Dude, it is your site, go for it!

Also +1 on the donations. Happy to donate!

I have adblock turned off on Grouvee, and the only ad I ever see appears waaaaaaay down at the bottom. Honestly I had to check to see if I had it turned off, because I wasn’t sure.

An ad above the new releases seems like a sensible place to put one.

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I have to agree, I also have Grouvee white-listed and I seldom see ads. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ad on Grouvee.

They’re there :slightly_smiling: They make a whole $1 per day or so, but it helps cover the server costs.

Lol I just realized why I don’t see ads. :innocent:

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And I thank you very much for that!

The ad layout on Guru3D is pretty solid. I never found them all over the place.

As of today (2016/04/15), Grouvee’s ads are definitely visible (white-listed). The vertical ads takes up substantial space on the right.

The My Game sector becomes a bit cluttered. That’s not entirely ads’ fault. Useless columns like avg. rating, date added & date completed waste space (I ranted about these in another post).

I have no idea about your ad model: must someone click into an ad to count or just have it on display for a few seconds?

Personally, I only click on PC parts ads, esp. graphics cards. Your ads are about beauty and broadband so you know…

You’ve launched Grouvee Gold but I’ve never been a fan of subscription-based payment. (Xbox Live Gold was a rare exception and that time passed too given that my X360 sits on the shelf)

Do you still accept lump sum donations? It won’t help much but I’d like to. “Keep Track of My Games” accepts that and gives me a “coffee mug” badge. It’s cool and all.

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