Adef's Grouvee Challenge 2021

This seems fun! Although, I’m not very fast with games, so I don’t expect I’ll beat Medium. Maybe Easy, we’ll see.

Here we go. I will go for Classic Mode. I intend to replay some games in addition to my backlog.


First month done, it’s time for an update! I think I’ll do one every month actually.

  • Undertale (review) The Protagonist: Child
    I waited five years to do this one, because to be honest the memes were too much, and I stopped being curious eventually. I’ve been very conflicted about Undertale during my playthrough: I was a bit bored at first, but after a few boss battles I was obsessed with the story and characters. It spoke to me on a very personal level, and I’m really glad I never spoiled the game for myself in those five years.

  • Crash Bandicoot (PS1) (review) The Protagonist: Real Life Animal
    So last month I learned that all PS3 models are compatible with PS1 games. I told a friend, who let me borrow his copy of the first Crash Bandicoot. It was difficult, frustrating, but somehow I’ve enjoyed it. The controls and physics are hard to get right, and the save system is absurd. I’m not entirely sure why I liked the game anyway, maybe it just has charm. I kinda like this style of world/characters, and I don’t mind that the graphics have aged.


February + March update

  • Florence The Protagonist: Everyman
    It’s like a romance graphical novel but in video game form. Very sweet, and some nice uses of the Switch’s touchscreen to make the story progress.

  • Portal (review) The Genre: Puzzle
    Never got tired of playing Portal.

  • Antichamber The Graphic Style: Abstract
    I don’t like this one a lot… Antichamber is technically impressive, with some thought-provoking moments, but too often I felt that the rules were poorly explained, or that a particular solution to a problem felt more like a cheat. Other than the gameplay, there is nothing engaging about it. It’s Portal, but with Facebook motivational quotes instead of GLaDOS.

  • Gone Home The Genre: Walking Simulator
    This is also a replay. I had played Gone Home years ago but didn’t remember much of it, except that I had liked the ending. This time there was no surprise, it felt a bit pointless to do it again. The commentary mode is interesting though. I learned that the devs thought of their game as a “non-violent immersive sim” (games like Deus Ex). At first it sounded absurd to me, but now I think it makes sense.

  • Cinderella Phenomenon The Genre: Visual Novel
    I was unsure about this one, but it turned out very well! This is the story of Lucette, a princess who hates everyone and finds herself cursed by a witch. She lost her crown, everyone forgot about her, and she must accomplish three good deeds to gain her life back. It’s a dating sim, and each of the five date-able characters is a route of its own. It was surprised by how quickly I got invested in that story. The art is also nice, and on top of that, it’s free.


April + May update

I haven’t finish a lot of games these past two months. I just didn’t feel like playing for a while, and when I did feel like it I just made progress on BoTW.

  • Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune The Graphic Style: Photorealism
    It was okay. Not nearly as good as Uncharted 2 (which is the only other I played), but fine.

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons The Protagonist: Custom Character
    I’m just playing on my girlfriend’s island. She wanted to redesign the island (this is new to me, I used to play Wild Worlds on DS, we didn’t have that), but didn’t really know how to do it, so I made a new island for her. I made plans, terraformed everything tile by tile, moved the houses, etc. This took much more time than I expected (I blame the game for making terraforming more time-consuming than necessary), but at least we have a pretty island now. Anyway, I feel that this is a good time to put ACNH on my list.