Adding Dropped option for level of completion


I personally view games [Grouvee] just as another form of media like films [Letterboxd] and anime [MyAnimeList]. Grouvee is just a site that I use to backlog specifically - games. For other medias I use other sites that are made for them.

So when comparing it to MyAnimeList there is a option where you can select between watching [playing] and completed [played with detailed option main story /+extra] and it’s dropped on MyAnimeList
As video games are generally a lot longer then, used in this topic as example, anime I think that there is a really high possibility for someone dropping (not completing) a game.


I don’t think I’ve ever noticed this was an option. I would add-on to this request that it be a field shown when making a written review.


I third. I should also make a shelf for this because christ only knows how many games I’ve marked as backlogged or played that I’ve actually just left in limbo over the years.

Yes - also seeing if that reviewer (for that review) has finished just Main Story or also Extras or even **100%**ed the game.

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Yes, this would be a really useful option. But for now I’m just using a custom shelf for this.

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