Add Notes field to Playthrough Dates

I’d like to suggest a Notes field be added to the “My Playthrough Dates” area. Let me give you real use case that I’ve just run into myself: Destiny 2 has only one entry in the database, but it has had many expansions and seasons. Because of this, I have a number of playthroughs because I’ve started and stopped playing it multiple times. A simple Notes line would enable us to describe each play period. It would also enable us to note if there is a particular reason why we replay a game we already played, for instance, I replayed GTA 5 when they added a first-person mode. I know that you can add a “Shelf Activities” post, but they don’t even have an accurate date, just a vague “1 year ago” or something similar. I think it makes the most sense to have such notes be tied to specific playthroughs. What do you think?