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Whatever your system of choice, you’ll be aware of the achievement statistics available and the rarity. Recently I’ve taken more interest in the rarity of my trophies and I’ve noticed a trend.

A majority of titles that are offered on PS Plus have a 50/50 achievement rate by other players. This baffles me, as that means 50% of players booted up the title but quit after a while. But on the other hand, the remaining 50% continued playing and achieved the first title.

This is in comparison to titles that haven’t been on PS Plus. The initial trophies tend to have a 80% rarity rating.

But even with PS Plus titles or non, it’s mind boogling how many titles are not played fully by everyone. How many people are missing out on great experiences, just because they didn’t enjoy the first few hours?

Which got me thinking further, are there any titles you’ve seen where the initial achievement has a low rate? Or are there any achievements that have a 100% rate?

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what is interesting is the fact you notice a stastical weighting towards a 50% completion ratio. Maybe its because i’m not a console owner but that almost would seem to indicate that there is some supervision on how the achievements are determined by Sony themselves? I mean, if it were up to devs, it would vary from game to game, right with a notable degree of variance in the difficulty to complete them…

The main site i care about achievements is retro achievements which caters towards retrogamers who have figured out a way to have achievements systems in emulators. Some games have great and creative achievements, with some authors/devs encouraging replayable or branching paths (in RPGs for instance) and some are very generic (beat the level, beat the game, get 10k points, etc) so in this place, it actually DOES vary quite widely from game to game.

What is neat about the site tho, is you actually get to see the number of people of everyone who loaded the ROM, and how many managed to complete that achievement (it will say 50/100 completed the achievement for example). The site will then use a formula (that i never quite understood) to award bonus points to people who complete those achievements few players actually can unlock. For example, an achievement which is easy that 95% of players can unlock will net you about 10+10-20 points for a total of maybe 30 at most… but the achievement that less than 2% win those can range anywhere from being 10 or 50 points+100 to 450 points.

and yeah, there are quite a few titles like that on the site and i used to actually look for them, but now i just play what i want to play and tend to fixate on achievement sets made by the user named Salsa because they did a darn good job at it… You can also sort games on the site by how much the acheivements for them tend to get completed or missed to help you hunt for high value cheevos… and there are a few threads of ‘these acheivements for these games are super easy’ if you just want a list of stuff to complete stuff really quick.

Neat place and I like what they’ve done with the whole concept. Never really played agame on steam that had achievements that really had the same kind of gravity but i also havent purchased that many games. Just seems like a good chunk of those games have a rather generic achievement system. Theres also not really a sense of stakes beyond that of completionitis.