Achievement / Trophies / High scores tracking

One of the features I would looooove to see is some form of achievement / trophy / high-score tracking.

I’m not a real achievement hunter, but I like how achievements (most of the time) allow you to track some form of progress in a game and offer some extra challenges. Ideally this happens automatically (I hacked this once myself scraping different sites :smile:), but even a manual option would already be amazing.

I can image that next to achievements it would be great to be able to add highscores or times (for racing games?) to games as well, just as a way to track this kind of stuff, making Grouvee really the one-stop shop for tracking my games library, progress, etc.

Finally you could image this to be used for comparison across users, creating some nice lists and way to compare not only your game library but also your ‘gaming performance’.

I ran into a site which is doing something similar. This is my account:

The site is very very bad, but I like the concept. As a nice side benefit it auto-imports all my Xbox, Playstation and Steam games.

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Steam achievements should be easy to do since they provide them through their API/XML feed. I have at the bare minimum those on my Trello board that is my todo list.

I haven’t looked at how hard it would be to scrape pages and get Xbox and PSN achievements. I really wish they would provide an API to hit for that data. There is so much cool stuff that could be done if everyone had easy access to that data.