A Year of Game Music in Review - 2021

It looks like I forgot to make one of these lists in 2020. And this year I was a bit slow at slapping this list together. All the same, I created a playlist made up of songs from some of the games I enjoyed playing the most in 2021. I’m hoping to make this an annual tradition.

As a spinoff of the annual list of top games that I post I thought it might be fun to post a music playlist based on that list. To kick things off here is a playlist full of curated songs based on my [Top Games of 2021 list in the forums]( Top 10 Games of 2021 - Video Games - Grouvee Forum).*

Enjoy, and feel free to add your favourite songs from games you played in 2021 below.

Temporary linking to a main site post for an playlist embed:

And here are a couple songs that were sadly not available on Apple Music:

Minute of Islands: Main Theme | Thomas Hoehl (bandcamp.com)

Roki: Tales from The Forest | Aether | Black Screen Records (bandcamp.com)