A "Paused" Status for Games?

This idea came to me today when I decided to put a game I’m currently playing aside as I was getting frustrated with it. What do people think of adding a “paused” statues for games along with playing/ played/wish list/ backlog/ add to shelf?

The idea is that it would indicate games you’re currently playing, but have taken a step away from at the moment but plan to return to? I realise you could just leave it on playing or put it back on backlog, but neither is really indicative of the current status.

Be interested to hear what people think.


Why not use a custom shelf for that?


I get the idea. it could look nice from a presentation point in the context of looking at shelves (or someone else looking at your shelves) You could like have it greyed out but remain on the shelf or something like that, to denote it. Fortunately. I’m not playing a combination of playing and paused that it’s so much it warrants separating the two for me personally. I also think that if i actually HAD say 100 games on my ‘playing shelf’ and was looking to pause or unpause something it could be a bit of a pain or could be trouble to have them segregated in any way (be it the pause or on another shelf)

Still an interesting idea but i dont think it meets my habits.

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Killstar- because I don’t think it would work as well/ look as nice.

Giga- I don’t do it alot myself, but sometimes I do feel O need a break from a particularly long game. I think on those instances it could be useful.

I tend to record the start and end date of the games I play (as long as I remember to do so), so I just leave games that I take breaks from on my playing shelf. What would be the ultimate goal of a pause shelf? A means to remind yourself of games you paused? A means to let other people know you’re not currently playing but also haven’t given up on a game? What does a pause shelf provide that would add depth or improve to your Grouvee experience?


Yeah, those would be the two main things.

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