A game I'm developing myself

Hey there guys. I couldn’t find any rules prohibiting threads informing the community
of your own creations. I remember asking this question in 2020,
and I was actually told it was OK. So here goes

I just released a free browser version of a game I’m working on.
It’s called StarHaste (Itchio link) and is a ‘reflex-scroller’ inspired by frustrating “bad”
games such as Flappy Bird and Getting Over It. It was made on a practically
non-existent budget; monthly insurance. But I had a lot of fun making this debut.
An expanded, polished and superior version is in development and will
be released for free download in the future.

In the game, you play as German electrician Helga, the only survivor of a
“terrorist attack” on humanity’s first lunar base. She must battle her way through waves
of enemies in a frustrating but (hopefully) addicting gameplay that combines
the Shoot’em Up and Puzzle genres.

I hope you take the time to try it out despite its flaws and low-budget qualities,
and any feedback is welcomed. Thank you : D


The link is broken and I can’t find any game listed in your itchio profile. I once wanted to become a game developer and tried making some in a bunch of game jams. I had fun making the games but I realized how hard it is to make games. So good jobs for making this one!

Hey there. I removed the game and have decided to create a vastly polished and narrative expanded version of the game


Update us when you put it back up and we’ll try it out.