3 enhancement ideas

Hello All - I am borderline familiar with the site - I’ve added games to Giant Bomb so that they appear here, and I’ve done my Steam import. So, getting along nicely!

I had a few small ideas that I wanted to throw out, for feasibility feedback, or to see if these are in process, perhaps. I know it’s a one-man gig, but hey, why not try and help.

  1. Grand old games (GOG.com) import. You can import from Steam - can you import from GOG as well? Or is this an API that could be built?

  2. Amazon wish list import or sync. Same thing here - extract Amazon wish list, filter on video games, import those entries here into the wish list. I guess that’s scarier - people don’t want to give out amazon user/pw info, since it could be used to buy things. So maybe a manual import only?

  3. Can Grouvee even handle import, or is it export only? I noticed the Platform drop down, and now I want to batch-edit 300 games to indicate the right platform(s). But I can’t - I have to edit each one, right? And unlike adding games to shelves, which is done and saved while navigating the list, that Platform puppy sends me to a full list reload every time. Is that normal?

  4. Speaking of “Platform” - if a game has only one platform, can it just default to that platform? I’m adding Wii U games that don’t exist anywhere else (yet, possibly never), but I have to specify the Wii U-only game as on the Wii U platform. Seems like an extra step.

Apologies if these are all elsewhere, I did a quick look but couldn’t navigate to an Enhancement subsection or find anything like what I am used to from forums. I wouldn’t mind some help there too!


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I think GOG has an undocumented API somewhere to get this kind of info, but I’ve never really looked to hard at it. I don’t really want to get into messing with undocumented stuff since it’s very subject to change.

I don’t really have this one on a list to do currently. I don’t know if there are other people that would want it or not!

Exporting is currently the only option on Grouvee. However, a batch edit is the next thing on my todo list. I’m also working on making the platform update feature not reload the page every time you edit a platform.

Agreed. It’s on my list to fix.

This is a perfect place to post requests!

Thanks much.

One more question - how can I add a platform?

Star Wars - the Force Unleashed II is available on wii (I have it in front of me). The GiantBomb entry shows Wii as a platform, but Grouvee does not.

Can I add a platform for a game?

Wii has now been added to the platforms for Star Wars - The Force Unleashed II.

And to answer your question, there are certain power users that have the ability to edit data for the games.

Thanks! So the Baseball Mogul series titles, like Baseball Mogul 2013 - these are PC only. Can you add PC as the platform for 2013?


I updated 2013, 2014, 2015 and Diamond. A lot of the older in the series seemed to have box art and platforms. Though I did not go through them all.