2021: A franchise odyssey (or what should I play next?)

Hi, fellow backlog gamers! Goofy title for my poll here… :upside_down_face:

As I have been backlog gaming for a while, there is a number of game/franchise series that are still under progress. I feel like doing a bit of cleaning up on that department but have yet to decide which one to dedicate to in first-hand. Back in 2020, I did 3 of the modern XCOM game series, dedicated for a single post.

Normally, I go by the gut feeling to decide on my own but I would like to invite your input. Here, I’ve listed some of the candidates that I’m drawn to consider for 2021. If it’s possible, multiple votes are allowed. You’re welcome to post your reasons for any suggestions, my friends!

Which set of franchise games would you like me to focus on this year?

  • Assassin’s Creed (Ezio trilogy: AC II, Brotherhood, Revelations)
  • Bioshock (Bioshock 2, Infinite)
  • Deponia (The Complete Journey + Deponia Doomsday; or all separate releases)
  • Final Fantasy (FF V, FF VII)
  • Metro (Metro 2033 Redux, Last Light Redux, Exodus)
  • The Walking Dead (Season 1 + 2, maybe Final season if I buy it)
  • Wolfenstein (Wolfenstein II + Youngblood)

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There are a several series that have only 1 remaining product I haven’t cleared yet, but maybe I’ll make a poll for series finishers to compile for one post in the future.

so basically you have 4 genres here: FPS, Third Person Action Adventure, Puzzle (hard) and Puzzle (easy) and classic jrpg’s.
The easiest one is the walking dead. I don’t think it would take you long to complete these and I think the hardest one is the deponia series because 4 point and click games back to back would burn me out.
My personal limit for AC games in one year is 2, so I wouldn’t vote for these either.
I would imagine Bioshock 2 and Infinite would work. Good games and a lot of differences between them.
Would not play Wolfenstein because of the lacking quality of Youngblood and Final Fantasy because of the long playtime.
Metro is pretty cool but 3 games in a row does not sound fun to me.
So my vote goes to Bioshock

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Well elaborated reasoning, Vasul. Who knows, certain choices may allow me to nail down multiple franchises by the end of this year or have me bite off more than I can chew.
Of course, I’m more likely to play other kinds of games between the mentioned titles to avoid burnout but your post makes a good reminder.

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I love Deponia series and I find all games from Daedalic Entertainment solvable without hints. Sometimes I had to use all the items in the inventory on each other - but it’s the sin off 90% of P’n’Cs. And I don’t remember having any problems with unclear stages and pixelhunting - the artwork is really good. Deponia has great balance of fun and sadness and I love the fact that it is linear cartoon. The Telltale games are based on choices but I felt many times they are meaningless. Playing Deponia I had the feeling that creators have their own story to tell and it’s consistent through all games.

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Thanks for your input! I’ve played through the first Deponia game 3 years ago, without hints and it was a fun experience. I’d love to play through it again to refresh my memories and experience the joy, which can be more of a breeze the 2nd time.

For an update on the poll here: I’ve decided to keep it open for another week until the games have been decided.
As an addition, I’ve asked people on another forum and IRL, so I’ll add in a few extra votes as summarized below:

AC Ezio trilogy: 2
Bioshock: 2+2
Deponia: 1
Final Fantasy: 2+2
Metro: 1
The Walking Dead: 0+1
Wolfenstein: 0

Poll closed! Thanks to the 12 voters, it makes things easier to decide what franchise to focus on. Reading the opinions of others on certain games was also enlightening.

The AC Ezio trilogy and Bioshock topped the poll on a draw, seconded by Final Fantasy. As mentioned earlier that I got suggestions from outside people and community, mainly both FF and Bioshock got 2 extra votes. I have just started playing Bioshock 2: Remastered, so I’m looking forward to see what I’ve been missing out over the recent years. To be fair to all of you who voted in this poll specifically, I’ll see about the runner-ups when I have time enough to deal with them.

I appreciate the engagement here. I’m looking forward to new community-based decisions in the future.