2020 Grouvee Challenge How-To Instructions

Here it comes … the 2020 Grouvee Challenge!
Upgraded, expanded and now impossible to 100% - ultimate confrontation with your pile of shame & a call to exploration!


  • To begin, make a copy of the spreadsheet to your own Google Drive - Choose File > Make a copy > My Drive
  • In your file choose SHARE button and change to “anyone with the link can view”
  • Create New Topic here in the “Grouvee Challenge” category.
  • Paste the link of your personalized spreadsheet in text of the first post.
  • Next time you beat the game add it to spreadsheet and make a post in your topic.
  • Leaving a few words about your experience would be nice :slight_smile:
  • Feel free to talk about other participants’ progress.
  • Color code your game titles, green for completed, red for playing, gray for want to play.

Also feel free to ask for recommendations for games if a category has you stumped!

Some rules!

  • Games must be played between January 1 and December 31 of 2020.
  • Each game can only be used once.
  • You need to finish the game, but you don’t have to 100% it.
  • If game doesn’t have “main story”, play at least 3 hours (simulations, MMO’s, etc)

This year there are 3 tiers, each containing 7 groups of 10 quests.
Tier 1 “Game Elements” gives you insight into the aesthetics of game art and storytelling.
It forces you to try a wide range of games & to break your habits.
Tier 2 “Game Experience” is about subjective nature of play. Feel free to interpret the quests instead of looking for “correct answers”.
Tier 3 “Behind the scenes” is about video game industry - you will need to do some research with uncle Google.
When you begin, choose between two “game modes”. Diffculty levels are based on number of games played.

Choose any group that suits you.
Feel free to edit your list, but remember that the challenge is about discovering!

  • Casual - Complete two group
  • Easy - Complete four groups
  • Medium - Complete six groups
  • Hard - Complete eight groups
  • Extreme - Complete ten groups… or more!

You need to beat previous difficulty to move to next! For example to finish Challenge on Medium you need to beat two Tier 1 and Tier 2 groups before beating additional 1x T1 and T2 groups.

  • Casual ------- Complete 2x Tier 1 group
  • Easy ---------- Complete 2x Tier 1 group & 2x Tier 2 group
  • Medium ----- Complete 3x Tier 1 group & 3x Tier 2 group
  • Hard ---------- Complete 3x Tier 1 group & 3x Tier 2 group & 2x Tier 3 group
  • Extreme ----- Complete 3x Tier 1 group & 4x Tier 2 group & 3x Tier 3 group … or more!

Feel free to ask questions here if you have any!


I let myself modify last year “about” post made by Jess :wink:
Could someone with “permissions” change the name of the category from “2019 Challenge” to “Grouvee Challenge”?
BTW I can’t edit my posts if there are any mistakes :rofl:

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Impossible to 100%? You underestimate how little I leave the house ;D


As I interpret it, if the game doesn’t have a main story, endgame content or anything that could signify as a definite ending of the main content (regardless of side-quests or bonus contents), playing for at least 3 hours would be viable enough for you to decide to add to your list of cleared games. :slightly_smiling_face:

As for the games shorter than 3 hours, consider them done if you reach the endgame before that.


We doing a 2021 challenge? :smiley:


Yes :smiley:
I wasn’t here for a while. Any suggestions? Or should we start with the same rules again?


I vote same. I also found the steam tags to pretty useful for this sort of thing.

I really did like the category ‘things we want to possess in real life’ the most and the environments.

I had considered building on some sort of meta for my personal picks for '21, but does not seem practical (and I doubt i’d stick with it anyway). For example: some kind of RPG theme, where certain slots represents say classes (Wizard, Warrior, Rogue) and some slots represent Equipment (Boots, Chest, Legs, etc) some games represent Monsters/Enemies. Some represent locations/places, etc.


Hello all!

I’ve been liberally playing itch.io games this year, so I’ve shot through this year’s challenge rather quickly!

I might write-up some expansion packs for it. Anyone have any ideas? :slight_smile:

I’m still keeping busy by re-playing every game [and a few new ones], but I wonder how much of the list I would complete by coincidence

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