0olilyo0's Grouvee Challenge

Hope I’m not too late to the party :sweat_smile:

This was soooo fun!
I may have cheated by playing flash games in December in order to at least finish casual in classic mode. I finished Group 7 in T1 and Group 7 in T2
I’ll do my best to write a few words about most of the games :+1:


Once I had a thought about games that take place in different countries [Celeste, Guacamelee, Untitled Goose Game, etc.] but I wonder if going by country of developer would make more sense

Seems like a neat list !


It’d be more interesting to go by wherever the game is taking place, but it’d make things way harder :sweat_smile: I can’t help but imagine MatPat making game theory videos investigating games in order to figure out where they take place :laughing:

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