Zues, carnage heart second I need help!

My husband loves Carnage heart, for the PS1. We recently found on line Zues carnage heart second. We can’t figure out wht we need to play it if we purchase it. Any help would be appreciated thank you all.

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This a Japanese only game, right? Then the only solution would be to find a Japanese PS1 online and buy it. I also heard that the PS3 Super Slim (the one I have) has the ability to play PS1 imports but I wouldn’t count on it.

Super Slim won’t, but the Slim does play PS games. If I can dig up my Japanese Tekken 2 disc, I can test it out in the PS3 Slim.

Edit: I forgot. While the PS3 is not region locked, original PS discs are. So you need a Japanese PS3 to play Japanese PS discs.