Wrong order of games in the shelf?

So, I segregated one of my shelves with games of 2020, but it seems like nr 1 is on the bottom, nr 7 is between nr. 12 and 11, and everything is mixed up? What exactly is happening?

So I’m redoing these shelf pages because they’ve just become too jumbled, and the manual sorting stuff is a little confusing. When you bring this page up, in the URL, does it include, &dir=None&sort_by=None? I’m not sure why, but that’s what’s stored in our database for the “default sort” of this page. If you just click the little # sign above the list of numbers, it will sort it in the direction you want. Once it’s in the correct direction, click the Set Default sort button. That should fix you up for now.

I promise all of this nonsense will get sorted out soon!

Yes, everything works normal now :slight_smile:

When I tried to add games recently I got the “site under maintenance” website quite often, so I kind of suspected you were doing some changes to the website :slight_smile: I’m very happy to see it! More and more people that play video games start to grow from teenagers to adults and need this sort of management and websites to organize and plan their limited free time they have while studying or working. Or even simply travel back in time and see what I was playing in 2017/2018 etc. Seeing it constantly worked on and improved makes me very happy! Keep up the good work :heart:

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