Writing Game Guides

Just in case any Grouvee users would be interested in participating, Polygon is looking for people to write game guides:

We’re assembling a group of talented freelancers who want to help create Polygon’s guides.

Does this sound like you? Or maybe your friend? Or maybe someone your friend knows? Possibly a friend of your friend’s friend’s friend? Then tell them to get in touch with me.

In the event that there are people that enjoy this type of thing it might be a fun endeavour. Full details here.

Wow, I’d love to do that! Does the person get paid or is it just an act of love?
I write lots of reviews here on Grouvee but I’ve never written a guide before. It would be super fun though. Sounds like the dream-job of a lifetime.

I would contact them if I were you. The post mentions that they are looking for freelancers so I presume it is paid based on a per guide rate. It is definitely worth looking into. They may ask for writing examples and I’m sure reviews, especially detailed ones, would be suitable.