Would You Recommend a PS4?

It seems like almost everyone (except @Jess :wink:) has a PS4. I bought a PS3 about a year ago and love it but now I want to play all those great games everyone is talking about (eg. Witcher 3, Mass Effect Andromeda, GTA 5, Persona 4).

At $250 I could grab a console and Uncharted 4. What’s stopping me? I’m not sure how much I’ll actually play it. My friends on Grouvee know I like to mod systems, play retro games, and log maybe 8-10 hrs/week of actual gaming.

Basically my question is, should I get one? Keep in mind I pretty much only play one PS3 game (GT5). 90% of my gaming is Hearthstone.

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Yes. There are enough exclusives alone to make it worthwhile. Just the last few months have seen some of the best games in quite a while release to PS4.

However, regarding your last point, I suppose it’s up to you. If you are not likely to play those exclusives it becomes less worthwhile. So I think you need to gauge whether or not you want to play enough games on PS4 to justify the purchase.

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The Last Guardian alone is worth it. I recommend Horizon Zero Dawn, the Uncharted games, the last of us, and there are a bunch of retro games on PSN and indie games like ABZU that are really fun.

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I guess what it comes down to is my sporadic console gaming habits. I have about 10 games I either haven’t played or only scratched the surface on PS3. I’ve been looking into some bluetooth headphones to game at night while my wife is sleeping (she tends to hit the hay earlier than me). I’ll probably try those out with the PS3 for awhile. At least to play many of the games I already have as I believe PS4 is not backward compatible?

That gives me time to “rollover” some of my hobbies. I like to sell stuff I don’t use to free up money for other interests. By then I would have played hopefully all of my PS3 games, to justify purchasing those games in the first place. Hopefully that makes sense.

Wow, I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. Thanks for your feedback.

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Good to know there are other fun games other than what I listed in the original post.
Definitely a fan of retro games and indies.

Just a heads up, the PS3 does not support Bluetooth for audio other than chat. The system won’t output game audio to a Bluetooth headset. If you are connecting a headset to a secondary device that is receiving audio from the PS3 you’ll likely be ok, but if you’re planning to connect directly to the PS3 with your headset you’ll be disappointed.

That is correct. A number of PS3 games have been ported to PS4, so if you don’t already own them some may be worth picking up on PS4 rather than PS3 (if you purchase a PS4). That said, stay away from the Batman Arkham collection port and the Assassin’s Creed II collection port. Both are arguably worse on current gen consoles then they are on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Makes sense to me.

Oh…that really sucks. I guess headphones with really long cord?
PS4 supports bluetooth headphones? I’m glad I talked to you before buying them for my PS3.
I don’t think my TV has bluetooth…

Thanks for that. I heard bad things about the Batman port but didn’t know Assassin’s Creed had a similar reputation. I have AC 1-3 on PS3. Started playing the first one but didn’t pick it back up.
Crap, I’m really bumming about the headphones.

More or less, yes. You can do that. Or, if you have your PS3 connected to an amp or home theatre setup, you can buy wireless headphones that connect to that. That’s a pricy option, however.

It does not. While it could, the PS4 can only support four simultaneous Bluetooth connections, and Sony opted to dedicate those to controllers. However, the DS4 controller for the PS4 has a headphone jack built-in, so the problem is already solved. Just plug your headphones into your controller and you have full audio pass through.

It may have been patched now. It had some wonky graphics issues. However there are aesthetic changes made that people either like or dislike. My feeling is, why buy them again if you have them for PS3?

I’m sorry about that. I know what you mean. You can probably rig up a solution, but Bluetooth would be nice. Given the age of the PS3 it only supports Bluetooth 2.0 which predates high speed data transfer over the protocol. I think any audio beyond chat would have been hard to deliver over Bluetooth 2.0.

I’m digging this option! Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

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Big dreams die hard. No big deal. I’m glad you told me. I already have some nice wired headphones. Plugging into a DS4 controller sounds like the best bet. In the meantime I’ll just have to keep my wife up with epic bouts of gaming fun! Or get an aux extension cord…

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I love it. Here and there the audio might drop for a millisecond but this might have to do with levels of interference from other devices in your home. Overall, however, it is a great feature.

P.S. it would have sucked to buy a Bluetooth headset specifically for the PS3 only to find this info out later. It would be one thing if you already owned the headset and tried and failed out of curiosity. But it sucks when you are excited for a feature, only to find out that feature is missing when it’s too late.

Even the Sony PlayStation Gold headset that is compatible with PS3 only passes through chat audio. It’s frustrating. I can tell you that the headphone jack on the DS4 might actually be my favourite feature of current gen consoles.

Yeah, I would’ve felt like a dope buying bluetooth headphones only to find them incompatible due to my lack of research and assumptions. I figure the controllers are bluetooth, why can’t the audio be? But this gets back to what you were saying about technology at the time. We’re talking a 10+ year old console. I suppose I’m not picturing it as that old but technology changes and improves quickly, so naturally the PS3 is outdated by now.

I’m really looking forward to that. I actually just bought a 10 ft long aux extension cord to get me by until I feel it’s time for a PS4. I’ll use the headphones I have now, with a stupid long cord, and enjoy the games I haven’t touched yet. Who knows, maybe I won’t buy a PS4 for a year! :wink: I might be set with the games I have for a bit.

Now I’m just being annoying but let’s say I dedicate, realistically, 1.5 hours each night to my PS3 games. That’s 10.5 hours of gaming per week. I’m practically done with Gran Turismo 5 so we won’t count that. The games I would like to at least mostly complete (barring any frustrations, rage quits, or just not finishing due to lack of excitement) would be:

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
Uncharted 2
Uncharted 3
Valkyria Chronicles
Final Fantasy XIII
Gran Turismo 6
Assassin’s Creed 1
Assassin’s Creed 2
Assassin’s Creed Revelations
Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Let’s take that 10.5 hours x 50 weeks (not 52 due to vacations) + hours during random days off (call it 20 hours) = ~545 hours. I don’t know how long most of these games would take but that should be enough time to at least play a bunch of each. Maybe I don’t want to wait so long to get the newer technology. Divide 545 by 2 (25 weeks) = 272.5 hours. Not sure if I’ll finish the RPGs in that time but I think I’ll still get my money’s worth.

If you’re still reading at this point then you’re awesome.

Also I could still hook up the PS3 whenever I want to go back to those games listed. Even when I have the PS4.

Holy shit…that was a fierce tangent.


I bought my PS4 once there was something I really wanted for it that was exclusive to the system. It was the new Ratchet and Clank game. Thus my feeling is buy a PS4 when there’s something you really can’t wait to play that is available for the system.

I still have my PS3 hooked up along side my PS4. There are plenty of games I have yet to play. And more I likely want to replay. Having the PS4 haven’t made me abandon my PS3. There are great games on the system and I’m fine with hopping back and forth between the two.

P.S. I’ll save you some time. Skip Drake’s Fortune. It’s not particularly good, it’s rather frustrating and padded with terrible combat. There’s also not much story of worth. Don’t do what I did and convince yourself that you need to play it to more fully appreciate the rest of the series. You don’t need to do that. Skip to the second and play that and the third. You’ll save valuable time, and more importantly, everything there is to be enjoyed in the Uncharted series starts with the second game. And while I’m at it the same might be arguable for Assassin’s Creed. The first game was definitely groundbreaking but it has aged terribly. If you do play it you’ll eventually just want to rage quit right after killing every street urchin in sight.

I’ll get one mostly for The Witcher 3. The game looks amazing. At least a couple people highly recommended it.

I actually enjoy Drake’s Fortune for the most part. There are annoying waves of baddies. I’ll probably finish the game as Im pretty far at this point.

I’ll give AC 1 a shot but theres probably a reason I only played 20 min so far.

Thanks for your tips!

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I haven’t played any of the Witcher games. I often wonder if it’s worth jumping into. I’ve heard that the first two are somewhat painful to play, and that it really is only the third that is really worthwhile. Have you played the first two?

Let me know what you think of Drake’s Fortune when you are done. I unfortunately played Uncharted 3 first, which made playing Drake’s Fortune painful. The jet ski sequence kills me. And the finale. But once you’re done Drake’s Fortune you get to move on to Uncharted 2, and that game is a gem.

I think we talked about AC a while back. My stance then might have been play it first because playing it after 2 will ruin the game for you. I think it comes down to either that, playing if first, or not playing it at all. It has great ideas, but shows it’s cracks after ten years. It feels more like a chore that you are enduring just to fill in some narrative gaps before you move on to the better games in the series. It’s not entirely without merit, there is a good game at the heart. It’s just hard to enjoy with the baggage of so many other games that learned and developed upon of the ideas in AC.

No, I haven’t played any. I watched part of a play through of 3 (obviously not the entire game, I don’t believe youtube would allow an upload that size) and was completely floored.

Yeah, that was bad. I thought it was going to be worse based on feedback from people. Overall it was not fun.

Lucky for me I haven’t played games that take from it…that I know of. If I’m not enjoying it I’ll move on. Figure I’ll try it out since I own it.

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Out of curiosity, what was it that impressed you?

I might have to jump in one day, simply skip the first two and play the third. I’m sure it won’t be the end of the world if I don’t start with the first.

I should stop bashing the game, and let you enjoy it. It does have a lot of excellent qualities. You might also appreciate aspects of Revelations more if you play the first game.

Graphics in several examples: hair texturing effects, fantasy scenery, lighting. With some shame, I like the violence. Makes me sound like a creep, but it’s done really well and believable.

Yeah man, geesh! Just kidding. Surprisingly I can find a lot of redeeming features for a lot of games. I love the puzzler Lyne. It’s simple, repetitive, not very difficult. But I find it very relaxing and addictive. I only paid $2.99 for it but have enjoyed it for 40+ hours thus far and plan on completing it.

Edit: Lyne gets very good reviews, so that’s probably not the best example of a meh game that I like. Renegade for NES is a better example. It has a 2.56 rating on Grouvee. I think it’s a pioneer in the beat em up genre. I don’t believe I ever finished it, maybe I’ll have to…

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Well, I made the purchase today. Picked up PS4 Slim with Uncharted 4, also bought Witcher 3 Complete Edition. $290 for everything from Walmart. I hate Walmart but they had the best prices.

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Nice deal. Let me know how The Witcher 3 is.

Do you already have Uncharted 1-3 for PS3? I saw that you just finished the first one. If you don’t have the other two, they are worth getting on PS4 in the Uncharted collection.