Will the site consider adding PSX Net Yaroze games?

Hi there. I was wondering if the mods were considering adding any old school Net Yaroze games (PSX) to the site? For those unfamiliar with Net Yaroze, these were games made by amateur coders on special black PlayStation consoles - which i believe were released in relatively small numbers and for a pretty hefty fee.

The best of these games were then ‘released’ via Official PlayStation Magazine demo discs. I have some pretty fond memories of these games as i’m sure many others do, and would therefore love to see them added to the site. I realise they could technically be considered as home-brew titles, but given Sony’s official blessing and the aforementioned demo disc releases i suppose that gives them a greater level of authenticity?

Here’s a quick run-through of notable titles from GamesRadar - How PSone did Indie games 17 years ago | GamesRadar+ - to which i’d like to add the space-flight shooter ‘Gravitation’, the quirky 3rd person shooter & baby collector (don’t ask) ‘Blitter Boy’ and a dig dug-esque title named Rocks n’ Gems.

Apologies if this in the wrong area of the forum but since my question relates to a whole type of game, rather than one of two individual titles i thought it might warrant it’s own thread. Please move or delete it if you think otherwise. Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Seems like a good idea to me, given this was an official program from Sony. Wow, until now I had forgotten about these. My friends and I would have killed for one back when we had dreams of creating out our own RPG.