Who needs Grouvee Moibile App? (Inconvenient Truth)

:boom: iOS: AREA X

Check it out! Like seriously!

Wow, never knew this app existed. Anyway, As cool as it looks it lacks the feature to socialize with other users. That’s why I personally think Grouvee is the best game tracker app out there because of its community.

I also wondered why Grouvee doesn’t have a mobile app but seeing that the site has mobile support (responsive UI), creating a mobile app wouldn’t be necessary. Unless of course, the mobile app would be different from the web app or have some added features like offline tracking.


I have mixed results using grouvee on my phone. It’s laggy for me and while I can do most of the shelving operations its very hard to talk, comment or type, but that’s something i always had a real hard time doing (not really grouvees fault)

Sometimes I’ve wanted some kinda app to play witht. But I dont know if I would really use it… I do like reading the status updates people post through phone. But my lists got big to the point that its getting involved to curate stuff. So a mobile method of doing so (like Area X) won’t really be ideal for the task (I do wishlist stuff at work sometimes or if someone mentions something/ I see something). But I would probably use it if it were a convenient way to log things in/post status on any of the last 5 things thrown into the default shelves (especially playing shelf)


Sounds like you need a better phone :wink: