What Should I Play

I’m about to finish Halo, so I need something else to play besides Chrono Trigger - I love to do it like that, have something besides your main game that is different, just to keep the things fresh, so I have several ideas and different games, wanted to hear what you guys think about it.

1. Resident Evil: Outbreak

2. The Elder Scrolls Morrowind or Oblivion

3. Papers, Please

4. The Banner Saga

5. Hotline Miami

6. Resident Evil: Code Veronica

7. Silent Hill 3

8. Castelvania: Symphony of the Night

Oblivion I would recommend if you have mods. Castlevania is probably the way to go, it being GOAT and all.

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I do not but it is still tempting, with Skyrim being so good and everything. Castelvania is an option, always wanted to start the series, see what the hype is all about. One vote for Symphony of the Night then.

Just FYI, if you want to make a poll, you can do it like so:

[poll type=multiple max=2]
- Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age
- Dark Souls III
- Tales of Berseria
- Yakuza 0
- Kings Quest V
- Thimbleweed Park
- Final Fantasy VIII
- Persona 5
- Stop playing video games and get your ass back to working on Grouvee!

The multiple and max thing just let people vote for a max of 2 items. If you don’t use those, people can select just one item. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Papers, Please, so that’s my vote!


Thanks for that! Will keep it in mind for the next time, I was wondering how you guys had polls and there was no such option when creating a thread.

Same here. It is one of those games that is perfect for playing besides your main one. That leaves us with 1 vote for Symphony of the Night and one for Papers, Please. My temptation is towards Resident Evil games, as those are the rare ones I hadn’t played, but leaving them for the time when I finish Chrono Trigger might be for the best.

SOTN would make a good alternative to when you finish/replace chrono. but i say that just cause it’s pretty big and you could chew on it a while! id suggest hotline miami just cause its fairly short and wouldnt be a bad replacement for halo being an action game

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That is the thing putting me off mostly to be honest, even when I finish Chrono Trigger. I know SOTN is a good game, but I simply do not care that much for long platformers, I just lose interest, but at the same time I really want to give it a try, so yea, it might be better to do SOTN after Chrono Trigger and not Halo.

I was not aware Hotline Miami is that short.

Ok, so we have one vote for:
Papers, Please
Hotline Miami

I think more people should play Papers, Please. It has more memorable moral choices than lot of RPGs and plenty of endings :smiley:

My vote is for Hotline Miami. The time required to finish Chrono Trigger (How long is Chrono Trigger? - HLTB) about 25 hours, you might need a buffer game in between. Hotline Miami, despite not finishing yet but I have played a fair amount, I heard is pretty short.

Ideally I like to play a longer game then a shorter game, then a longer game. Sometimes I find myself playing 3-4 games on a rotation until they’re all just about done then crank out the last few hours.

I love SOTN but its super long. From what I suggest you could finish up Chrono -> Hotline Miami -> SOTN.