Useful search/data tools

I thought maybe you guys might be interested in a website like this. There aren’t a whole lot of useful websites about video games these days and posting stuff like this helps awesome communities like ours thrive! So I thought I’d share!

Basically it is a website that has averaged gameplay hours data. You can use it to plan your next game you plan to eliminate off your backlog, when considering it for MBLC Nominations, or whatever!

How Long To Beat

The other website I often use whenever I am looking for a game to have fun with my gf is, it’s a database of multiplayer capable games that lets you filter based on system, type of multiplayer (online, offline, couch, system link, split screen). It has been pretty good whenever you are trying to figure out what kind of game you want to play with friends. Some of the data is inaccurate, but from what I’ve seen only about 1/50 games have had misleading multiplayer data so I still use it.


Just wanted to share! If you guys know of any other cool websites besides the standard gamefaqs, ign, metacritic, please let me know.

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I found howlongtobeat very interesting…thanks for sharing!