[Suggestion]What features I would love to see on the website!

Grouvee is small, but very sociable, friendly and well designed website with a lot of features.
Hoping for the Developers to read forums, and bring some of the suggestions from community to live , I would like to write a list of features I would like to see on the website :slight_smile:

  • Customizing Shelves order

  • Mass edit(being able to select couple games and set their platform/move them between shelves/Give this same rating)

  • Wish list import from Steam/GoG/Uplay

  • Being able to delete/modify times(currently they are stuck in the database forever)

  • Better rating system (for example, 4.5/5 or 4.3, just some more options rather than 1-5, some games can’t be rated that simply)

  • Remember sorting order on shelves - when someone visits my wish list for example, I would like him to see it with my manual sorting order to know, which games I would like the most :smiley:

I think everyone can understand that this changes are maybe simple, but they are huge quality-of-life improvements, that would make everything more streamlined and fluid.

Hope to see some some of them implemented to the website !


I’m not sure if you mean the sort order of a shelf, or the ordering of your shelves. You can have a manually sorted shelf by clicking the Enable Sorting button at the top of a shelve’s page. You can also star a few shelves to show up at the top of your shelf list by clicking the Edit link next to My Shelves on a shelf page, and making a shelf a sticky shelf.

Some day I’ll get to this.

Go to your playthroughs page on your profile (TheMiziko’s Playthroughs) and click the edit or delete button next to a playthrough you want to change. Or go to the game’s page and click the edit or delete button under My Playthroughs.

Lots of discussions on this on the forums if you search. Short answer, 1 - 5 isn’t going anywhere.

I appreciate feedback, but never assume anything is simple to implement!

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i didn’t mean that they are simple to implement, but that they are simplistic in design :slight_smile: that they don’t add to much, but they fell like huge improvement. In terms of coding it’s another topic on its own :slight_smile:

I meant order of all my shelf, not order on games in the shelf itself :slight_smile: Currently my shelfs are all over the place. I can’t have all related to platforms(ps4, switch, PC, Gog etc) and then shelfs by completion (100% completion, to 100%, started etc) they are mixed together. Ps4 - to 100% - Switch - Finished story - Gog
it just doesn’t feel right at all.

But thank you for your feedback !

hey @TheMiziko glad to see you got your shelves going. i took a peek at your profile and it looks like you figured out the sticky function. I kinda have found myself wanting to easier sort the shelf order too myself. But honestly, one thing I have learned is that you have an easier time with fewer shelves. (so its paradoxical, and i just try to keep a few shelves and not worry beyond the sticky)

I see you are arranging your games by their ‘sources’ this is something I have seen many users do. There is currently no other way to earmark games. I’m not sure that’s optimal cause shelf management (IMO) is frustrating. Maybe someday the site will have a better way of attributes like that…

Which, brings me to my next suggestion, the power of search. While you can’t attribute:tag Uplay in any way on grouvee, you can do it with some of the other shelves you have made. So, while you will want to be keeping some of your Steam/Uplay/Origin shelves as you’ve made them, You may want to consider trimming some of the shelves, like “Finished 2018” or “PS2” I was here for a few weeks, made my shelves, filled them out with scores of games then realized I could just use search for most of it

You can do a lot of cool things with search , for example you can sort the ‘played’ by date ‘finished’ You can also use filters such as “platform” to use these features you have to fill out the appropriate data on the main games page though… I used to have shelves like a SNES shelf and since I started playing more systems (like 15+) I prefer it this way, I just thought i’d mention it, in case you too decide you ‘overshelfed’.

Also, the widget is pretty cool. (New people need to know about it!) The game cover art of each game in a background is my new “finished in 20XX” shelf lol

To use the Widget, sort a shelf with sorting options, make it ‘manual sort’ then hit ‘Widget for this shelf’ You can trim out the games you dont want. such as stuff you finished in 2017 by just looking for the last game finished in 2017 by your previous search. Grab the code and save it to a txt and rename it as html. You can make a blog for yourself or something like that if you want to have your own little shrine with clickable links or just save a .JPEG with a screen shot.

Another thing I found useful was making browser links to the default shelves to just go there. (Played Completed, Backlog etc)

Yea, thats what happened to me. I had a few oddball shelves about themes or an idea and they felt in the way. (They had 1-5 games) and I just deleted them.

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You can customize the shelf order by changing how you name your shelves. If you look at my account you’ll see I have a large (insane?) number of shelves. Most of them are named in the format “attribute: value” so for instance if you wanted shelves for platforms all together then name those shelves “Platform: PS4”, “Platform: Switch”, and prefix your completion shelves with “Completion:” and so on.

Added bonus is that you can use the shelf search function to see all the “platform” or “completion” shelves by typing that in.


Is there any intention to one day integrate with various web services for achievement-tracking and play time?

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I would love to see a dark theme option on the forums site. Having it on the main site is awesome, and easy on the eyes at night. Doing the same in forums would be stellar! Thanks!


Hey there. I also have a simple request: Time Played displayed on the games lists. If you add Start or End dates the game time is hidden. The solution I found to this is adding multiple play times, one for Game Time and one for Start/End dates.


Something I realized I’d like to have is a sort of “photo gallery” section. A place where I can create albums for different games. I know I have a lot of screenshots from the Crew, Tomb Raider, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc, that just sit on my PS4 & I’d like to display them here.

I wish I could offer help creating it, but my skills don’t lie in web design.

Thanks for listening, I love this site.