[Suggestion] Add Grouvee search for Firefox

I can do this while on forums: Screenshot by Lightshot
But I can’t do this on the site itself. This would be rly convenient to have.

Depending on how much you want the search provider, you can actually create it yourself yourself. For Firefox you can add a search bookmark, or use this site, to create a generic search plugin.
In any case, the base url should be Search results for ""

Creating an actual search plugin (for Firefox) isn’t much more difficult, it’s basically just a short xml file containing the search url and a few additional settings like encoding, favicon, etc., but you need to get creative to actually install it because Firefox only accepts search provider files from a webpage. Something like a local html file with reference to the xml in the header, hosts file trickery or a local webserver.

At least I don’t know of any easier way to install a custom search provider.

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Yeah, thanks.
I generated a plugin using http://mycroftproject.com/ and it works fine!
If anyone needs if, you can grab it here: Mycroft Project: Grouvee.com Search Engine Plugins - Firefox IE Chrome
But still, I think it would be nice if people could install it with one click inside Firefox, like in screenshot of first post.
That’s up to site developer though. I got what I needed.

People still use Firefox? :wink:

200% TRIGGERED. :rage:
Actually, more people use FF, than Safari\Opera\Edge. So AFAIK Firefox is second most popular after chrome.
Old habits die hard. Also, is chrome still a memory hog?
I use Chrome for web development (It has better developer tools), but for daily browsing it’s FF.
P.S. I’m on Win. 7 as well. :yum:

Lol, I was just teasing.

Chrome is definitely a memory hog, and more so in macOS. I haven’t used Firefox in years, largely because it was so poorly optimized that Chrome felt snappier and less of a memory hog. But Chrome now is where Firefox was when I stopped using the latter. I’ve heard Firefox has greatly improved, but I haven’t tried it out.

My default browser on my work laptop (which is also Windows 7) is Chrome because we can use that or IE, and using IE feels like taking a time machine back to the late 90s, and not in a good way.

I think if I was reading correctly, I would just need to add an XML file with opensearch tags in it, and some metadata pointing towards the file. If that’s the case, this should be pretty easy.

I think it works now. I added the opensearch XML data real quick, and it showed up for me on Firefox.

Let me know if you see anything different!

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It works, thanks. (min 20 character limit on this forum -_-)