Spinner Galactic has launched! 🚀

I won’t make it a habit of spamming the forums, but the game a few of my fellow Grouvee users helped me test finally launched today!

It’s called Spinner Galactic, and you can play it on any iPhone or iPad with iOS 10.1 or newer installed. It’s free to download on the App Store, with opt-in ads (no creepy banners) or one-time in-app purchase.

I’ve already submitted the game to Giant Bomb, so it should be available to add to your Grouvee shelves in a day or two (if you so choose).

If you like the game, consider giving it a five-star review (we don’t nag you for reviews in-app) or, even better, sharing it with anyone you think might like it.

Thanks to everyone on Grouvee for your support, and for providing some much-needed game discussion breaks while we were finishing up 1.0.


Congrats on your game, it’s awesome you were able to put it on the AppStore!


It exists!!


Looks interesting. Any chance for this to come to other devices? I’m unfortunately on Android.

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Thanks, @AlexGarbus ! Since we’re only a two-person team (and our day jobs at Nike and Cloud Four respectively involve making things work on a variety of devices), we’ve chosen to focus on the devices we personally use and Apple’s development stack (which we find very approachable). We’d be open to having an Android developer port the game, but we’d either need enough revenue to justify commissioning the effort, or a trustworthy partner open to revenue-sharing. So far, neither has materialized, but never say never!


i dont have any ios devices either. the game looks great, and that’s an exceptional looking website too.

Love the heavy shading and strong color

this looks just simple enough to be fun enough to play if one wanted a game to play on their phone. exactly what a phone game should be imo. (also it looks a lot more fun than lunar lander type games lol)