Sorting search results by weighted average

Could we get the option to sort search results by the weighted average that the top 250 uses?

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I think I get the idea… Like you search for a title and the highest rated games are more likely to show up at the top? Hmm,. I wonder what that would look like. (It’s possibly been mentioned in the past but I forget if anything else goes into how the top 250 is calculated other than rating)

I was just looking at the top 250 and saw that a game might have an average rating of say 4.45 but it will only have 5644 people who have it on their collection, whereas the game below it might have an average rating of 4.43 (slightly less) and have a whopping 11,280 (almost three times as many) people who have it in their collection. (I’m using as an example Link to the Past and Half Life 2)

This gave me a slightly different idea than you… which is It would be interesting if there were a way to sort of pick this apart somehow, if one were to look for high rated games, but maybe adjust it so games that had more users who added it in their collection floated to the top.

I dont know if it would be that useful to have a filter or something that says 'has at least 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 in their collection, but it would be neat to see the context of it somehow. Ratings are great but when it’s a difference of -+.05 stars wouldn’t you be curious if one of those games was three to four (or maybe 10x) more ‘popular’?

If there is a drawback to weighting a search function by it’s amount of users adding it to their collection, i’m not sure what it would be. You would think that doing a search for ‘Last’ would yield slightly different results and that you’d see “The Last of us” in there, a popular and highly rated game.