Should PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale make a return or sequel?

I am honestly disappointed with what happened to PSASBR regarding how it flopped and didn’t get the exposure it deserved, I think it’s a very good game and like any other game it can benefit from changes and updates, it would be great if there was a sequel made but I be very content with a PS4 port that still has online servers, I would like to hear opinions from you guys that have also played this game and be honest whether you actually enjoyed it or it sucked.


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I agree it was pretty fun when I played it at a friend’s house! I think it didn’t catch on because the character balance was pretty lobsided with some characters completely wrecking the rest (Raiden from Metal Gear), and the character selection wasn’t the best (No Crash, Spyro, Final Fantasy, Wander, Sora, Ezio but freaking Fat Princess and Toro got in???). A new game featuring Joel or Ellie, Aloy, Bloodborne Hunter, Sam Porter Bridges, Geralt, hell even Spider Man would be awesome!