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As some of you may know Sony periodically holds a Vote to Play poll via which PS+ members can vote for one of three titles to be offered as part of the next month’s Instant Collection. So far Sony has only held one such vote, last summer. This February they are running another round of voting, with three new titles: Action Henk, Assault Android Cactus and Broforce.

I am wondering if we can get a little discussion going about these three games. I’ll be honest and confess that part of my motivation is to figure out which way to vote. I have limited familiarity with all three titles as none were really on my radar. I’d love to hear what other Grouvee members think about the games and which of the three they would vote for given the opportunity. And perhaps, if Sony runs these votes more often, we can have a semi regular discussion group about the three games on offer. It could be both a means to help PS+ members make a decision, and an opportunity to simply discuss three disparate games in comparison.

I have only heard of Broforce before this and have wanted to try it for awhile. I know it has been in Early Access on Steam for a long time. Looks like I already have it on Steam, but my chances of playing it are higher on a console. So I am thinking I may vote for that one myself.

Broforce is also the only one of the selection I had prior knowledge of, and I think that was limited to a few articles released around the time it entered early access. Largely all three games are not part of the core group of games I gravitate toward. They tend to be games I play when they are offered as part of PS+ instant collection or Humble Bundle. None of that is to say that I do not appreciate that these games can be enjoyable. Rather, I usually need a nudge in their direction. As a result none are on my radar so it is difficult to make a choice.

I do enjoy the fact that Broforce contains an homage to Alien in the form of the character Ellen Ripbro.

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I think I saw a React video of the game awhile back. It looked crazy and like it had some humorous elements. I ended up forgetting to vote the last time they did this cause you had to do it through the console. I’ll have to remember to go out of my way to do it this time.

People seemed displeased that Grow Home won last time. It would have been what I voted for based on the concept and game-play trailers. I have yet to try it out however.

My main thought for this round is that the selection is either one of two shooters or a physics game. If the latter isn’t one’s cup of tea then it comes down to side-scrolling Metal Slug/Contra style shooter vs. dual-stick shooter.

There seems to be a lot of early chatter on the PS+ post I linked to above regarding Assault Android Cactus. Numerous comments such as the following:

Action Henk and Broforce are both awesome games, but Assault Android Cactus is truly something special to behold. It’s extremely well polished for an indie game, presentation is off the charts.

I’ll have to look into that one. Maybe I should just not vote and leave it in the hands of fate.

Vote. what do you have to lose? At worst the ones that do not win are still discounted for the month.

Very true. I guess I WILL vote then. :sunglasses:

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