Number of Friends

Hey @peter, I know you’re a busy man and father but I have a suggestion. Probably be pretty easy. I recently added a friend on the main site then went through my list and noticed there isn’t a numerical value assigned next to ‘friends’ on my profile. In the past I just counted how many there were but would you be able to just have a number next to ‘friends’?

Seems like a kind of silly request but I’m just proposing it if anyone else is interested? Not a huge deal if it’s more complicated than it should be. If you don’t do it then it’s not like I will quit the site and go on a swearing rampage :wink:

Thank you good sir!

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Should be easy enough!

You’re the man! Keep on rocking good sir!

You can now see your friend count on your profile page!

Thanks, awesome! Now I can see how amazingly popular I am!