MISSING: Fibrillation HD

We have the original version, which is not linked to Steam.

In my opinion, either it should be linked to the Steam HD version or a new Fibrillation HD entry with a link to Steam should be added.

I’m back here for a bump.

Just to be clear here’s what I meant in the original post. There’s a game called Fibrillation and it’s in the Grouvee database. Then there’s a Steam release called Fibrillation HD and I have it purchased, but Grouvee doesn’t recognize this fact. Can we please either have this Fibrillation database entry linked to the Steam release or have a separate entry for the Steam release? (I think, the first option is optimal)

On your profile, go to Steam Settings and select the option “Steam games we need help with”. Maybe it appears there?

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It’s been there, thank you. Didn’t know about this solution.