[MBLC] July 2015

It’s July!

The way this monthly backlog club thing works is you post a game or two, or three, or four… from your backlog that you want to play or attempt to finish during the month. Then post as you finish or make progress throughout the month. It’s pretty simple!

The idea is to make a dent in those giant backlogs that we all have. We wouldn’t have this site it wasn’t for backlogs :smile:

I’ve already said it on the main site, but I’m putting it in writing here, I’m going to get every trophy in Final Fantasy X HD remaster because I’m a crazy person. I’m currently grinding out Wakka’s celestial weapon. Blitzball is awful.

I also think I’m going to do a video replay of Kings Quest V in anticipation of the first episode of the Kings Quest reboot coming out later this month.

I started playing Hitman GO the other day, so I will complete that this month.

I also want to finish Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. I started it back in March and haven’t picked it up again. I really enjoyed what I played.

Lastly, I want to play LittleBigPlanet 3. I have had it since it came out and have not got around to playing it yet.

I’m going to post way too many updates about blitzball until I’m done with it because I want everyone to know how much fun it is :smile:

I was able to get the Auroch Reels overdrive to show up as a prize in a tournament. I guess that means I’ve put Wakka through enough battles. I think once I get the Auroch Reels, I’ll only have to play about 10 more games to get the sigil to make his weapon fully powered up. Then I’m done with blitzball forever!

Beat Hitman GO this morning with 27 of 27 achievements.

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Holy moly, it’s July already!

I’m not sure what to play through this month! I’ve been obsessed lately with an iOS deckbuilding game that I’ve been playing lying in bed when I should be asleep:

I also want to play some Sims 4:

Neither of those can really be ‘completed’ though, but oh well!

Blitzball is officially done! I got Wakka and Kimhari’s weapons all powered up, so I am officially done with celestial weapons.

I did hit a little snag with the 100% trophies thing though. Apparently I missed a few key items I need to complete the Al Bhed Primers trophy earlier in the game, and there’s not an easy way to go back. There’s a small chance that I can go back to an old save and pick up the items, and then import those items into my current save. I’m starting to regret putting this challenge to myself on the Internet…

Ascension is so good. Other than the fact that my wife kicks my ass every time we play, the real life version is a lot of fun to play too.

Did you see this?

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That’s pretty awesome.

That trophy ended up being pretty easy compared to the stupid blitzball trophy. There’s a little crater on one of the screens (that’s actually where they are in the gif from that article) that always triggers a lightning strike. Once you get the timing down it’s just a matter of running in a circle 200 times and clicking a button. Now if they had come up with a robot for blitzball, I would have paid good money for that.

When I eventually play through that game all the way, I think I will avoid attempting to get any of that stuff. I played about 10 hours of the game when it originally came out. I picked it up for the Vita last year, but have yet to play it.The backlog just keeps piling up.

I’m thinking I might have to take a break from FFX monster hunting for a little bit. I have way too many monsters to capture, and I think I will save that for Extra Life. My brother let me borrow his copy of Majora’s Mask 3DS, so I’m thinking I’ll be digging into that this week instead. I might also throw in some Earthbound.

I was obsessed with FFX in high school, absolutely conquered that game. I even nerded out to the degree of overhauling the sphere grid, replacing spheres with better ones. Yeah, I logged over 200 hours of play time.


I’m slowly working on getting to the point where I can buy those Clear Spheres. Fiend capturing isn’t my favorite thing in the worls :smile:

Yeah, it takes freakin forever. First you have to create the monster, then kill it enough times to drop the right spheres. It was one of those games where I was like “Ok, lets see how far I can take this”