Is it allowed to inform the community of my own games?

If you’re an indie game creator, are you allowed to inform the forum of your project?
Specifically post a link to your game’s devblog or Twitter etc so people can follow the progress.
I can understand if it’s forbidden to link to the purchase (Steam storepage etc), but that’s not what I’m asking. I’m asking about informing people

Here is a little piece of concept-art

Definitely. Other devs have shared their projects here in the past. You’ll find the Grouvee community is pretty supportive and excited to see projects in progress.

Feel free to post about your game here on the boards. Post the purchase link all you want. You can add your game to the database using the link. Like @bmo said, people are pretty supportive here. All I ask is that it’s not just a fire and forget kind of thing. Keep us updated and talk to people about the game if they’re interested!

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