Imported steam games marked as played

I’ve just figured out how to import my steam games by using my custom url, and it’s great to not have to manually enter them all. The only thing that bothers me though is it has messed up my ‘played’ shelf. I was using it to keep track of my completed games. Now it lists all the games I’ve played even for even a few minutes under this category with time played under the ‘date finished’ heading, which is kind of screwy. Right now I have a workaround by creating a ‘completed’ shelf, but it’s still kind of annoying.

I’ll add to my list to create a setting that will let you disable the automatic shelf management I do right now. I think there are others who would agree with you.

That would be great. I have to admit though that it’s nice to see which games I’ve actually played and how long I’ve played them. I always thought ‘played’ meant ‘completed’, but I guess it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that, so I may end up sticking with my workaround and leaving things as it is. Still, choice is nice.