Ideas For Improving Grouvee's Playthrough Features

As someone who thoroughly enjoys logging playthrough times, I feel that Grouvee’s current playthrough features are somewhat lackluster. They certainly do get the job done, and I don’t have any problems with them, but I feel they could be improved in certain ways.

I recently came across a site called while trying to find information on 100% playthroughs of Xenoblade Chronicles. Of course, recording playthrough information seems to be the main point of this site, but it has some features that I feel Grouvee’s playthrough system could use. For me, the most useful feature from this site that Grouvee could use is the “notes” feature. In addition to the Completion Status option when editing playthroughs, we should be able to enter in our own notes for things (i.e. what we define as 100% completion or what ending(s) we got). I also like the way this site displays average playthrough times by dividing them up into the different completion categories, rather than how Grouvee simply displays the average of all completed playthrough times. This system gives a better idea of how long a game may take to complete, as people like me tend to want to 100% complete some games but just want to get through the stories of others.

In addition to the 2 ideas for improvements based on, I have a couple of my own ideas I’d like to throw out there. First, I feel that the playthrough page on our profiles should group multiple playthroughs for one game together. Currently, each playthrough displays a game’s box art, which I feel looks ugly when viewing games with multiple playthroughs. I’d like these multiple playthroughs to be grouped together in one listing (i.e. I’d see the information for Undertale followed by 4 playthroughs, as opposed to Undertale being listed 4 times). Second, there are some games I have playthroughs for that aren’t intended to be completed, like Super Mario Maker and Animal Crossing. I feel that, in addition to the 3 currently available completion statuses, there should be some sort of 4th status for this category (something like “No Completion” or “Not Able To Be Completed”).

I’ve enjoyed using Grouvee’s playthrough features so far, and I hope they continues to grow along with the rest of this site’s features.

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Wow, I don’t think I had ever visited my playthrough page before today, lol.