Hello, new here

HI to everyone, just wondering how the community on this site is like. I just want to recollect all the games i have ever played since like i was 7 years old but it is no easy task. I wonder if i can see someone’s game collection, a big collection so that i might recall all the games i have played. Message me if anyone is up for a chat. See ya.


Community is small and quiet but nice.

Nice is good. I have seen your collection on google drive, its a nice one. Specially earthbound brings back a lot of memories. :wink:

The forums are kind of quiet. There’s more discussion on the front page of the main site. I’d say everyone is super nice. We get the occasional douche that shows up, but everyone pretty much shuts them down. Glad to have you!!


Hello, welcome. I barely participate in conversations but when I do people are actually pretty chill and interesting to talk to.

Many users have absolutely gigantic collection like our leader @peter, I’m not one of those users, but I’m interested in more modern/obscure titles so feel free to check my shelves if you think I’d be useful.


Hello @jynextremist

Welcome to Grouvee ;D

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Welcome to the site.

Like others have said, it does tend to get quiet around the forums itself, though the front page always gets activity. In fact, my e-mail notifications for forum activity, as far as new topics go, reports may be a new topic a week at best. Still, a bunch of nice people here so it is worth being a part of.

As for collections, feel free to check in on other people’s shelves. Personally, most of my stuff is coming from Steam but I still need to fill in the console stuff whenever I get the time. There’s also the search engines if you really got a bunch of time to waste and see what every platform had for their libraries :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome @jynextremist! You came to the right place for your video game community. Like everyone else said forums are kind of quiet, main page has a fair amount of daily activity. Everyone is really awesome, as @peter said there is the occasional tool bag but they quickly learn it’s not the kind of place to insult people.

I really love both sites and have found lots of cool people (@bmo, @GigaDeathNullGolem, @peter of course, @torgo eventhough I haven’t talked to him in a million years, @Alphadoriest, @Begbie, @Sir_Laguna, too many to name)

You can check my shelves, I’m a pretty casual gamer and don’t log many hours per week but have in the past.

I recommend Grouvee gold if you get sick of ads and want a dark theme on the main site. It’s a subscription service but every once in a while peter throws in some cool perks. In addition, he is open to suggestions. A couple of mine were implemented on the main site and they’re always adding more games.

Awhile ago there was a podcast which I loved. There’s a lot of cool stuff here but the community is like no other social media site. You don’t get the stupid facebook fights too often and negativity.

Glad you’re here!


I was in the same situation a few months ago. Now everytime I remember a game I played I add it in Grouvee.
I started by looking at the top 100 of the best games of all time. After top 100 snes games and after that it was all about my memories. Like just now I remembered playing It Came From the Dessert on the Amiga LOL.

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Hey, welcome!

I’ve also been sporadically trying to add my old games to my shelves as well. Feel free to check out my profile for any possible matches. I try to organize my games into shelves according to platforms as well, but it’s still very WIP. :slight_smile:

This topic may be dead but alas, I will leave my two cents. I have only been part of this community since November of last year and while I primarily joined to have a way to organize my games and the habits associated takin to IMDB, I have grown to really enjoy hopping up and seeing what people are playing, doing and discussing. I read earlier that somebody said this community is small and quiet and while I agree, I would like to add that this community serves a valuable function in the realm of gaming in this day and age.

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