Games with Missing Cover

As per the title, some of the games seem to be missing any cover art on their profiles and in the thumbnails. Endless Legend and Darkest Dungeon for example. Endless Legend, at least, seems to have cover art present on Giant Bomb itself, so I’m not entirely sure what’s the issue here.

Any clue if this can be remedied? It’s making my brain itch each time I see a blank thumbnail. >_>’

It’s kind of a long story, but it has to do with Giant Bomb’s CDN. I’ve complained to them on their forum about the images, but they haven’t really responded or done anything. They have issues on their own site from time to time even.

Here’s the long version if you want to read it: Box Art Image Issues - API Developers - Giant Bomb

Mmm, frustrating. Guess I’ll have to live with my brain itch for the time being!

I put in another word with Giant Bomb about this. It seems like it’s getting worse. I think what I’m going to end up doing is allowing us to override the image here on Grouvee, and then just lock it and not update the image from Giant Bomb so they can’t screw it up if we put up our own good image.


That sounds like an excellent solution, to be honest.

Hello. I know this topic is from 2014, but I think is better to use a already created topic than a new one.

I saw this:

The cover of this title is missed. I don’t know where could I say that in order to fix that.
I found a cover that should be right:

Sorry if a topic to do this already exists. I didn’t find it.

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