Game(s) to Quarantine Yourself With

Hello everyone:

To start off, I hope that everybody regardless of country/ nation/ state/ etc. is doing well and keeping themselves and families safe during these trying times. As many of you are indeed facing currently, the quarantines are forcing us to stay inside more so than usual of course, and during this time, I have found solace in catching up even more on my backlog. I was curious as to what everybody was currently playing or looking to play in the coming time ahead?

I myself have just finished Xenogears which while interesting does not warrant such praise as I have seen it garner, at least not from me.

Thank you all once again and please stay healthy and safe.

~ Prin


I have a lot to play right now. I just beat Doom Eternal, I have yet to beat Nier Automata, I also got Borderlands 3 because BL2 is one of my favorites, I want to beat Bloodborne for the 4th time. Such an amazing game. Persona 4 for the second time because I feel like I was too harsh on the game. Just started Animal Crossing New Leaf since I don’t have a Switch.


Wow, that is quite a list to get through.

Do you feel like you will make it through it all before you get burned out and if so, which game would you wish to play before the others just in case? Since Animal Crossing has become so popular as of late with the release of the newest iteration, I quite enjoyed my time with New Leaf. I played it for roughly a month before stopping to do other things. It is a very relaxing game and the music lended heavily to the feeling.


I feel like I will play through all of these without getting burnt out as I hardly get that feeling. I would first play Nier Automata as I feel like I would get more out of that game than the others. I already know how Bloodborne and Persona 4 go. I mean Bloodborne is my favorite game. I’d get less out of BL3 as so far, the writing is absolutely atrocious compared to BL2. New Leaf is a game I’d wake up to play for 30 minutes before I go and play other games.


In my hometown there is 60 people in hospital and more than 2000 in strict quarantine. I’m lucky, because I’m AutoCAD Drafter. It’s more difficult to work at home instead of going to studio :frowning: And I’m sure my boss thinks I’m on Facebook whole time. But my cat is in heaven :cat2:

I’m playing slow things like card or board games. I’m finishing Slay the Spire and I’m going to beat Armello next. I feel more “comfy” and safe that way. Or I’m watching anime - my best friend is total fujoshi :rofl: and I finally have time to watch all her favourite series.


I hope that they all recover swiftly, and I am thankful that you yourself are not affected healthwise at least.

You stated you have been playing a lot of board games, have you tried Tabletop Simulator? It has been out for a while now, but the support from the community and the developers are amazing, with new content coming out every week it seems.

Also, what anime are you watching in particular? I haven’t really been all that involved in anime since about 2014. The last series I truly paid attention to was Kill la Kill and we all know it’s been a minute since that was new.

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I have Animal Crossing: New Horizons sucking up most of my time. I’m also playing Red Dead Redemption 2 in both story and online modes. So that’s 3 virtual lives distracting me from my actual one!


I’m going to polish off Dragon Quest 11.


I completed DQ 11 early last year if memory serves me right and I loved it. I ended up playing on PC and was able to download a mod to force the orchestral versions of all songs instead of the midi files. It made a big difference as with a game that large, I wanted to hear a quality version of the battle theme over and over for instance.

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A looooooot of Animal Crossing. I am also hoping to finish off Okami because that game goes for forever. I am still working at the moment, but that might change anyday. If it does I will definitely start hacking away at my backlog.

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I just remembered that I never finished Okami. I’ll put it back on the list.

I’m playing through Baldur’s Gate - I’ve gone through it twice now from BG1 -> Siege of Dragonsphere -> BG2 -> Throne of Bhaal. And I’m planning a third run - I am seriously addicted.
And it makes being stuck at home wondering if I’ll have a job after this is over much less stressful!

I haven’t played it since about 2009, but I remember the art style being nice. I just didn’t care for the motion controls though. I always found them to be gimmicky in general.

Yeah Okamiden on DS made great use if the touchscreen. Fortunately the Switch port of OkamiHD also uses the touch screen

I might have to try it again one day.

I’ve been planning to work through my backlog this year anyways, so having more time off work should have helped with that… except my brother just lent me Spider-Man (2018) out of the blue (to repay me for lending him my Switch, I guess) so I guess that’s going to suck up all my time now, lol.

I liked Spider-Man (2018) and I found the recreation of New York to be very vibrant and what I imagined New York to be like when I played the Spider-Man 2 movie tie-in too many years ago now. I will say that I found some of the late game challenges to be pretty taxing in regards to the level of skill with the character that they expect you to be in order to get gold. I won’t spoil anything though. Overall, it’s pretty enjoyable in my opinion.

I have Spider-Man and all the DLCs and still haven’t finished it. Maybe that’s something I should add to my quarantine list. I really loved the game for ages, but the missions felt somewhat repetative and the “press O, press X, press O” prompts made it feel more like Fight Fight Revolution than actual combat I was in control of. I reckon I could blast through it pretty quick now, though.

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I just finished Assassins Creed III (still have two or three side quests left, but I’ll finish them off). I played other entries in the franchise but never got around to playing ACIII, it’s weird. Overall the best AC experience for me after Brotherhood (Black Flag is more pirate game than Assassins for me, although it’s best at its own way).
I also played State of Decay and going through its DLCs (bit of a backlog there, hope to catch up to it)
My indie loving soul thoroughly enjoyed ‘Yes, Your Grace’. The storytelling and management was simple yet sophisticated. The decisions you made in the game (no matter how small) actually matters in the end and makes a good impact.
My notebook has PES 2016 in it, so I downloaded a 2020 season’s unofficial patch and I occassionally play it to compensate for the lack of football due to the outbreak.

Have you ever tried Assassins Creed: Rogue? It was actually the first game in the series that I finished and I found the story and how it tries to flip the typical narrative of playing as an Assassin to be quite interesting. I also thought that they did a great job with the environment of Colonial America centered around sectioned areas such as New York to be very well done and fun to explore.

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