Game Page "How Long to Play" Simplification

I was looking at a game page recently and thought about how the ‘How Long to Play’ section is a little overwhelming. Feels like it could be neater to show a simplified section to everyone, while collapsing more detailed stats in a drop down box or something like that.


Here’s a quick mock up of how it could appear.

Screenshot 2021-02-05 235849

Converting the time to a simplified “X Hours” or “X½ Hours” is what I think most people are looking for as a snapshot. Using a “XX:XX” clock would simplify it as well, but once again I think the exact minute minutiae isn’t necessary at a quick glance, that info could be in the drop down box.

Thanks for hearing me out! And thanks for all you do Peter!


Right, there could be any number of tweaks, good addition.

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