Feature Request: Shelf Stats and Graphs

Would it be possible to add stats and graphs to either the overall account or per shelf?

It doesn’t seem like it would cause a lot of extra load on the server as you could save the results and only update it when a game is added or metadata is changed.

examples of stats and graphs I would like to see.

A bar chart of games I own by platform
number of games I own by rating
number of games i own by genre


I would second the request, as with IMDB for instance, it is very fun to poke around with your stats, all of which may cause some surprise as to what you gravitate towards as well.

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@peter Any thoughts on adding a stats and graphs page?

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I have it on my list in my Goku notebook where I keep track of things I want to get to. I can’t promise any kind of timeline, but redoing the shelf pages using the same framework as the front page feed is moving up higher on the list of things to do.