Feature request: shelf description

I would love to see an option to be able to describe my shelf near the top (see photo for possible placement.) For example, one of my shelves is called Watched On Twitch. In the description box, I’d add an explanation that these are games I’ve watched in full, or nearly all of, on Twitch, and that I use the shelf to keep track of those games. And that since I haven’t actually played them, I won’t rate them.


Not a bad idea. I can imagine other users might like something like this.

I like this idea, I’ve wanted something similar! A point of comparison would be Letterboxd’s list format: ‎Stanley Kubrick’s 90 Favorite Films, a list of films by belledejour • Letterboxd


Those guys make a pretty website!

I’ll make sure I get to this soonish.

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I must be the only person who doesn’t find Letterboxd aesthetically pleasing.

If that isn’t oddly satisfying, I don’t know what is: ‎My Favorite Movie Posters, a list of films by FxckItDude • Letterboxd

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Fair point. That does look good.

Actually I like the poster wall. It’s the colour scheme of the site I’m not a fan of. I know I’m in the minority given the dark theme here on a Grouvee is popular.

Programmer here. Snow-white backgrounds (#fff) literally hurt my eyes.
I got dark userstyles\themes for most websites and software. My designer friend finds it weird and can’t understand how can I use it like that :grinning:
I guess it’s a matter of good looks vs comfort for tired eyes.
As an example, here is how this forum looks on my PC. Not pretty? Maybe, but changing background from #fff to #efefef makes it a lot easier on my eyes.


Designer here! :wave:

If anyone’s interested in why color contrast is one of the hardest parts of my job, this post is a wonderful summary: Color Contrast And Why You Should Rethink It — Smashing Magazine

Our usual advice for clients is to adopt a color palette that matches the emotion you want to convey, tune that until it passes WCAG AA contrast guidelines and, when in doubt, bump up that font size so your users can stop squinting. (That’s an over-simplification of the process we use, but broad strokes!)


Wait, there’s a dark theme? How do I enable it?

Not to be a shill, but that’s the only feature I put behind Grouvee Gold. Well, that, and no ads, although there are hardly any ads on the site right now.