Feature idea: Year in Review

one of my favorite sites in the same vein as grouvee is the one i use for movies, letterboxd. “year in review” is what they call their end-of-the-year aggregation of all user activity, with categories such as “highest rated film”, “most rewatched film”, and much more. i have no idea how complex the making of such a post is in actuality, and it may be more complicated than grouvee is looking for, but it’s such a highlight of my year over on letterboxd to go through the list of movies and seeing what was part of my watching history, what wasn’t, what i can watch in the future, etc., that i had to at least post about it here in the hopes that someday it might be considered and/or possible.

some examples of letterboxd’s “year in review”: 2018, 2019.


If it is doable and not too intensive, I would second this feature, as a way to celebrate the past year in gaming.

I also started a Letterboxd earlier this year! I thought “I wonder if there’s something like Grouvee, but for movies” and I found it

Here’s what I have so far ‎NIQ_m2’s films • Letterboxd

I wish you could keep them in chronological order [earliest to latest], like on Grouvee, but waygtd

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