Feature idea: baked-in/automatic translations

Hey ya’ll, I posted this as a status update but figured it would get buried pretty quickly. Pasting it here as well…

I had an idea for the devs.

I love reading reviews and status updates here, and it’s awesome that worldwide people seem to be flocking to this site as a “social network” of sorts for gamers, as well as taking the time to do actual, full-fledged write-ups about the games they play. It’s become one of my favorite activities to do on the web.

That being said, I only read two languages (one of them pretty poorly), and I wondered about the ability to set a language within your user profile, and then have a “translate to [x]” button on status updates/reviews written in other languages. There are plenty of libraries out there that can detect the language by text, and then generate a translation (on-demand or automatically) to any other language. I see that GTM is already on Grouvee so using the Google Translate lib would be an obvious solution.

Just a thought I had - there are some excellent reviewers on here writing long, in-depth posts that I normally run through a translator, but to skip a step and have it baked right into the status update would be super neat.

If you click a link through a Google search that takes you to a page in a different language, typically (it used to do this, at least) it would attach a little dropdown menu to the top right of the page with a little “Translate?” link, upon clicking it would instantly translate the whole page to your native tongue.

Just a thought - I’m a web dev myself so I considered writing a firefox/chrome plugin but just don’t have the time with a little maniac :slight_smile: Perhaps others might like this feature as well.

Cheers - and keep up the awesome work!

Once I thought there should be something like a Google translate button for Mario Maker 2 comments

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Word - I use extensions for the desktop site but on mobile it’s not possible, since the whole site is in English, and only at times there are small parts of the site in a different language.