Favourite Sport(s) games

To kick this off, I fully understand that the typical annual entries into NHL, NFL, NBA, etc can oftentimes be the same game with a new coat of paint in a lot of instances and if you have ever frequented a game store, you have seen the bargain bins filled to the brim with them, with 90% or more discounts stuck to their labels.

I also understand that this is a big genre that becomes more and more diverse as we get through the 21st century, with a lot of games mixing it up and becoming hybrids, especially in the realm of golfing games (a prime example would be Mario Golf, mixing RPG and golf elements). I was curious as to what were some gems and favourites in this macro genre of gaming.

Touch Downers
What the Golf

So really, games that are “sports,” but not totally “sports games.” :slight_smile:

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I have fever dreams of playing NBA Jam in the arcades. It feels like yesterday but as someone who isn’t that into sports, unless it has a weird hook to it, it really stood out to me. I liked the arcadey aspect of it, and it never felt stale, with games lasting 10 minutes maybe.

  • California Games
  • Blades of Steel
  • NHL’94
  • NBA Jam
  • FIFA’98
  • NFL Blitz

So you know, the classics!

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