Duplicate database entries


Just merged Ark: Survival Evolved, Diable III: Reaper of Souls, Fallout 4, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0, Party Hard, and Final Fantasy Type 0.

Story of Seasons, Bravely Default, and Monster Hunter 4 all have 2 pages for the western releases vs. the Japanese releases. I guess they’re different enough for GB to warrant different entries.


Dragon Quest 7 is merged! I just added the wrong one to my wish list earlier today too!

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Virginia is merged! The worst part about some of these is that the bad one still exists on Giant Bomb. I have the import script setup to ignore the old ones, but I’m surprised that some of these games remain on their site. Especially ones that they’ve done videos for, like Virginia.


Do you think it comes down to the volume of data and that they don’t have enough people combing the database looking for things like duplicates?


I don’t really know what the issues is. They have a forum thread for duplicates and separations, and they certainly have a ton of users out there. They catch a lot of their duplicates because most of the duplicates we have in our system are already gone from theirs. I’m just surprised something like Virginia wouldn’t get caught. I can understand an obscure arcade from the 90s getting messed up, but there would theoretically be enough people searching for Virginia to notice they have 2 of them in there.


Warframe is merged! Used the former.


I’ve taken a look at this, and it seems like these all might be legit. You’ll have to elaborate which ones you think need to be merged. They all seem like they’re separate games.


Wow, so I just started looking at some of the most recent games that we’re picking up from Giant Bomb. It’s a nightmare for duplicates. It seems like every game gets added 4 times to their database before their duplicates get knocked out. Every single game that got added last night had 3 or 4 versions added. I don’t quite know what to do about that…


Do you have an idea of why they have so many duplicates? I am not familiar with how Giantbomb’s database is populated. Is it open to anyone, or is it controlled by the site admins?


I’m investigating. It appears it’s all one person that’s added a million duplicates recently. Look up Rite of Passage here on Grouvee.


I found it, here’s the screw up:


Wow. That’s quite the error. Poor guy probably didn’t mean any harm by it but that was definitely a significant mistake.


I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that “1602 A.D.” was the North American/Australian title for the game “Anno 1602: Creation of a New World.” The two German titles seem to be expansions or mission packs by a separate developer, so they might be legit depending on the policy on such things. I’m not sure of the details about them because I don’t speak German - I’m guessing based off of Google Translate translations of German webpages. EDIT: This page describes the expansions a bit: Anno 1602 FAQ/Strategy Guide


Yeah, I just deleted everything new in the last day. I might turn off updating for a day or two until that gets straightened out.


The Escapists The Walking Dead has been merged! Throw a link to the search page, or both games next time please :slight_smile:


Sorry, my bad! I wasn’t thinking… thanks for merging all of this!


Fingerbones and Haunted Hotel The X have been merged!


Code Veronica has been merged! I can’t believe that one got through to be honest.


BrainBread 2 is merged!