Duplicate database entries


2 entries for Mineko’s Night Market


An technically, this is the correct one here:

I’ve merged them all into that one.


I am so far behind on this stuff. There is a good reason for it, but that’s a story for another day. I did do a few of these today FYI. Keep posting them in here. Maybe I’ll start paying people to work on the data :slight_smile:


Another duplicate:


Noticed that Phantasy Star Online for the original Xbox appears to be missing as well as Jeopardy for the original Wii.



There are 2 entries:
Into the Dead 2 (2017) | Grouvee - is actually active (there are reviews and stuff)
Into the Dead 2 | Grouvee - dead

  • I just discovered that Trivia Crack 2 is not on the website yet. First game is, bu Trivia Crack 2 and Trivia Crack: Kingdoms are not.


The Mirror Lied is merged!


Blind date has been fixed up and merged!


Super Contra is all fixed up into Super C!


Oscura and Oscura: Lost Light appear to be different games. I can’t find a lot of info on the Oscura ios game, but I would assume it’s different than Lost Light. Let me know if I’m wrong here.


Ah, i thought they were the same because they had the same art at the time.


This post is the oldest duplicate post. I finally got them all merged. A lot of why I’ve been so slow on these is because it used to be a huge pain in the ass for me to bring up my game edit page. I finally decided to go in there and make it a lot faster so that I’ll actually get in there and edit some games, and also let others do it too.

I got through all of your dups! Keep them coming!


It’s been a long time coming, but I merged all of the Bloons TD Battles games!


Must have merged Mirror Lied a while ago.


Fairy Tale Mysteries has been merged!


I think these got merged with War of the Chosen (2017) | Grouvee


Spirits & Spells for the Gamecube is missing from the site.


Found an actual duplicate again:






No, i don’t have anything better to do on Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue: