Black Friday Haul 2015

This was my first Black Friday in the US. I heard a lot about it and I was counting on some amazing deals. In the end it turned out to be so-so, maybe because I did the majority of shopping from the comfort of my couch instead lining up at the shops at 11:30 PM on a Thursday :stuck_out_tongue:

This my haul:

Killzone: Shadow Fall - $6.50
Watch Dogs (PS4) - $29
Shadow of Mordor (PS4) - $25
1 Year PS+ - $39
1 Year XBL Gold - $39
Geometry Wars 3 (Xbox One) - $15 (not a deal but couldn’t resist :smile: )

I’m still having eyeing some on-going deals this weekend and trying to decide if I should pick them up:
Zoo Tycoon (Xbox One) - $15
Titanfall Deluxe Edition (Xbox One) - $12.50
Numerous deals on Steam

What did you guys pick up this year?

They’ve made Black Friday too crazy anymore. They hype it up a ton, and I don’t think a whole lot of it is worth it. You did the right thing by doing the shopping on your couch I think :smile:

Shadow of Mordor for $25 is a pretty sweet deal.

I’ve gotten several things on Steam so far:
BIT.TRIP Collection for $5
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 for $7.99 (I liked the first one enough)
Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition for $7.99 (I’ve been playing Inquisition, and now I want to go back and play this)
This War of Mine for $17.99 (Not really a deal, but it sounds awesome)

Maybe “Cyber Monday” will have better video game deals. I really just want someone to get the Gamecube adapters for the Wii U back in stock so I can play the new Smash with my Gamecube controllers.

I bought some blu-rays and a couple games (but the games weren’t on sale).

I also managed to snag the special edition Rebels and Rogues loot crate that literally sold out in less then a minute. But once again that wasn’t really a ‘sale’ just a special thing that happened to pop up on Black Friday.

I went and Wii U’d today. I was snooping around for sales on the Wii U Smash Bros. bundle, and found a few somewhat tempting finds. Then I went to Amazon and found a user with near perfect reputation selling the bundle for $180. I couldn’t turn that down. With a lot of luck, I found a shady weirdo offering an amazing deal. With a little luck, it’ll come with the Princess Peach controller and a Donkey Kong Amiibo. With my luck, it’ll probably be a box with a dead chicken inside and I’ll have to go pester Amazon to hunt down the jerk. Anticipation!!!

Ended up getting Titanfall Deluxe as well + a new headset for music listening and gaming (Audio Technica ATH-M50X)

It has been a great Black Friday :smiley:

UPDATE: The jerk phrased a Smash Bros. pack oddly and cranked up the price and I bit. I now own a very expensive copy of a game I don’t have a system for. Ahhhh well. The system price will drop after Christmas, I suspect, at least for used ones.

Oh man, that sucks. Did you get one of those GameCube adapters at least with it? You could sell that for a decent chunk to make it back.

I did indeed, but I’ll be putting it to use once I get the system, so I might as well hold onto it. Now the REAL question is, which Amiibo do I want?